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New Offering: BIG Shiny Spheres

We are so excited to announce a new offering that will really make your events shine - 

BIG SHINY SPHERES!! These giant spheres really make a statement and will be the perfect addition to your event and you can even add custom decals to personalize them.

Individual Spheres:

6ft- $175

5ft- $100

4ft- $75

3/2ft- $50

Must still hit order minimum to qualify for delivery. These are not currently available for pick up.


Full onsite installation:


Includes 7 spheres

(1) 6ft

(2) 5ft

(2) 4ft

(2) 3/2 ft

This includes extra filler to give a more organic look (if needed) as well as delivery and installation.

Personalized Decals for an additional cost!


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