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Elodie's Bluey Birthday

If you've got a toddler in your house and a Disney+ subscription, you have more than likely been introduced to the magic that is Bluey. This show quickly stole the heart of each of my family members, especially our youngest, Elodie. When it came time to planning Elodie's fourth birthday, she was vacillating between party themes, and I was honestly not thrilled with any of the ideas she had, as I wasn't wanting to throw another licensed character party... that is, until she asked for a Bluey party!

It was a blast to plan using this theme, and I could execute it with fewer cookie-cutter, licensed products than most cartoon-themed birthday parties. We started planning by first securing all of my favorite vendors--

We rented a white bounce house as well as toddler tables and chairs from Livi Land. We ADORE Livi Land owner, Hollie and we are always excited to work with her, and cover her bounce houses in balloons! It's difficult to imagine an event without her bounce houses now!

We also secured a delicious and beautiful cake from Nursery Lane Baking Co. We've been using this local, home-based baker for years and we are always thrilled to indulge in her goodies. The owner, Lauren is a ray of sunshine as well, so we look forward to including her incredible baked goods in our celebrations. A bonus to having Lauren bake Elodie's birthday cake was that she had my friend Brooke from Lovely Grain Studio make a custom name plate for the front of the cake, and it was the cutest!

I'm a firm believer in "more is more" so we didn't stop at the cake, we also rented a soft serve machine from Simple Soft Serve. I've been following this small business on IG for a while, but hadn't had the opportunity to hire them yet, so I was thrilled to get in touch with the owner, Jessica and have them out at the party! The soft serve was delicious, and we set up a little bar of toppings using some cute serving dishes I purchased from amazon. I'm going to be honest and let you know that I had 3 cups of soft serve at the party, and I had zero regrets.

After we had our vendors secured, I send out a text invite that our team Magic Maker, Katie designed for me. She also put together custom coloring place mats for the kids tables, and custom coloring sheets for the goody bags we sent home with our guests. They were adorable and a huge hit with the littles.

I also added some Bluey-themed tattoos to my amazon cart last minute, and all of the little attendees left covered in the cast of characters from the show. I think sometimes you think you need something big and impressive like a white bounce house or a soft serve machine to make a kids party great, but the tattoos just as much a hit as the big, flashy things.

Overall, it was a really fun party. We bounced to our heart's content and left on a sugar high. It's so hard to believe that my baby is 4, has her own preschool friends to invite to her birthday party, and opinions (lots of them) about how she wants to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Grab some of the items seen here through my Amazon shop. **This is an affiliate link and I will make a small commission from any purchases made through this link.


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