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Filtered Photo Flops

We absolutely love when you send us inspiration photos for your event but so many photos are filtered and edited these days that the colors you see in the photo often aren't actually the colors you think they are. Red becomes purple, green becomes blue, and someone ends up disappointed in their balloon colors. We're here to help!!

Photographers and influencers will add filters and edit their photos to fit their brand and social media feeds. The photos you see on our website and social media are true colors. We may lighten or darken a photo but only to match the actual colors of the balloons. When we receive an inspiration photo that has been edited, we immediately see the colors the balloons actually are and will use those as your balloon colors.

Check out these two photos! You can see in the original unedited photo that the balloons are white, pearl white, and chrome gold. In the edited photo, the balloons look more ivory and gold. These two colors are very different from each other and create a whole different look!

Next we have an example of what it looks like when a photo is desaturated and made more light and airy. The actual balloon colors are pink, white, cameo, and chrome gold. You can see that the pink balloons look super pale in the edited photo on the right. This edited photo is a much lighter palette than the true colors of the balloons.

Take a look at this color shift to see how red quickly becomes a whole different shade with a filter. Instead of the primary red color it truly is, it looks more of a pink red. Look in the grass too, you can see that it's not a natural green color meaning the balloon colors will also not be accurate. The actual balloon colors are willow, pale blue, burnt orange, pink, Carribbean blue, pale yellow, and red.

Lastly, let's look at how adding a really warm filter can mess with the colors of the balloons too. Warm, orangey filters turn white balloons ivory and colors with blue undertones turn to green. In the original photo you see white, gold, rose gold, empower-mint, eucalyptus, and willow. Once edited it looks like ivory, gold, wintergreen, pastel green, and lime green.

If you would like specific colors, picking from our color menu is the way to go. Take your inspiration photo and match the balloon colors you see with the closest version you see on the color menu. The colors of your balloons will be what you see in the color menu. No guessing games here. Check out our amazing color menu below!!

We do not create custom colors and every color that we offer is what you see on the color menu. We stock a very large variety of balloons and should have something to work with your event! Mylar foil balloons are the only thing that you won't find on the menu and those options can be discussed when you request a quote.

The balloon colors for your event will be sent to you for approval so make sure to check these colors to see that they are what you envisioned. We do our best to create your inspiration but remember that we don't live in a filtered world!


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